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The Houston Tx area is a great place for beavers. We have lots of waterways in our community, irrigation ditches, storm drains, canals, swamps, lakes, streams, reservoirs, bayous, creeks and ponds. These places are absolutely perfect for beavers. We have abundant trees to support their food requirements. They prefer soft trees but will use all trees for different reasons. Beavers are the original engineers for dam construction. They build beaver dam for multiple reasons. They use it to raise the water level because it is easier for beaver to float a tree limb than drag it. Another reason is it aids them in building the Beaver lodge. Beaver also stash their food right at the entrance to the beaver lodge. The lodge (home) is typically half in and half out of the water with a minimum of one entrance under the water. They spend the majority of their life either floating on top or under the surface. Also Beavers are nocturnal animals. The baby season for beavers are typically April, May, and June. Baby Beaver (kits) are capable of swimming at only 24 hrs after birth.

Beaver Control

Beaver swimming in drainage canal

Beaver Control

If your nuisance beavers are chewing down your trees or damming up your creeks or canals. Call The Critter Team for a inspection to remove the beaver and dam